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Never miss another opportunity. Big River Voicemail lets callers leave a detailed message while you’re away or on the other line. Ideal for single business owner or small business.

Call Forwarding

Say goodbye to missed business deals. Big River call forwarding allows you to forward calls to  a number of your choice.

Call Waiting

Don’t miss an important opportunity just because you’re on the phone. Big River call waiting alerts you to another incoming call.

Call Return

Missed a call? Call back the most recent incoming call with the push of a button.

Caller ID

Know who’s calling you at all times. Big River Caller ID works with Call Waiting to display the caller’s name and number (if available) on the caller ID unit.

Call Block

Control unwanted calls that interrupt your business. Big River’s call blocking feature lets you block calls from numbers you specify.

3-Way Calling

Meeting by phone? Make it a conference by adding a third party to your existing call.

Simultaneous Ring

Ring up to three phones at once and never miss a call even when you are out of the office. As soon as the call is answered, the ringing stops.

Call Hunting

This feature finds an open line so your customers can always speak with a live person.

Call Transfer

Get your caller to the right department, every time. Big River call transfer allows you to direct an answered call to any 10-digit number.

Cloud PBX

Operate like a huge corporation without the huge investment. Big River Cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) delivers a professional phone system through a hosted platform. Call 855-244-7483 to talk with a Big River representative today.


Big River’s PRI service is a high-volume voice service that connects to your existing PBX or phone system.  It’s easily scalable and offers concurrent call paths in increments of 23 so you can support numerous connection options.

SIP Trunk

Get flexibility and scalability with cost savings. Big River’s SIP Trunking helps small- to medium-sized companies further embrace an IP solution and eliminate costly connections.

Toll Services

Don’t let long- distance come between you and your customer. Big River’s Toll-Free Service delivers a wide variety of routing options on one of the most reliable platforms.


Our service is world class. Our support is local. To get in touch with an expert Big River support engineer in your local area, call 1-855-244-7483.

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