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At Big River we understand some clients have a strong understanding of their challenges, a shortlist of potential solutions, and an evaluation process for partner selection. Others need help identifying these things. At Big River we take pride in being able to plug in to your organization no matter the situation.

Big River Highlights

Our long history of development and forward thinking has positioned us to excel in helping our clients no matter their needs. 

Our Leadership Team

Pictured Left to Right: John Jennings, Chief Financial Officer – Jerry Howe, Chief Executive Officer – Kevin Keaveny, Chief Technical Officer – Kevin Cantwell, President


The company that would eventually become Big River, LDD, is launched, becoming one of the first competitive long-distance providers in the United States.


Big River grows, and so does its status as a provider. The 50th employee reports for duty to what is now the leading long-distance provider in Missouri.


Jerry Howe, Kevin Cantwell, and a group of investors purchase LDD and rename it to Big River.


Big River continues to deliver bigger and better service to its customers with the installation of state of the art equipment. Additionally, Big River partners with the largest utility in Missouri to deliver Broadband over Powerline (BPL).


Big River dives into the modern age of new media, bringing a new, cutting–edge technology to Missouri–Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)–through a partnership with its first Multiple System Operator (MSO).


Big River is leading the way–and people are starting to notice. Gartner Consulting names Big River the top company under $50 million dollars in revenue for Excellence and Customer focus worldwide. At the same time, CIO Decisions names Big River the top telecom company in the United States for its Operation Support Systems (OSS) implementation and practice.


Big River wins big as the recipient of 1to1 Magazine’s National Customer Strategy Award. A highly prestigious award, it showcases Big River’s commitment and focus on its customers.


Big River is awarded a $24M project by the United States Rural Utility Service under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Aimed at delivering high speed internet to rural underserved markets, this project helped thousands of customers join the digital economy.


Big River goes international. Setting the precedent for a continuing global reach, the company partners with its first Caribbean country– Bermuda–to deliver Digital Phone to customers.


Having been so much more than phone service for years, Big River officially changes its name from Big River Telephone to Big River Communications, in order to better represent its information movement and management platform.


Pushing the boundaries of voice communication ever further, Big River now provides Digital Phone service to all of North America and the Caribbean territories.


Big River partners with Microsoft’s Airband Initiative, to make affordable broadband access a reality for communities around the world.

Our Leadership

Jerry Howe

CEO and Big River Communications Founder Jerry Howe has been a leader in the telecommunications industry for more than 35 years. His experience includes 18 years at industry giant SBC Communications, formerly Southwestern Bell.

Kevin Cantwell

Kevin brings more than 30 years of industry experience to Big River. With leadership roles at industry giants, including AT&T, Technology Applications Incorporated, and Worldwide Technology, Kevin has the knowledge and experience to drive Big River forward into the future.

Kevin Keaveny

Kevin Keaveny is a technical leader and innovator, and the man responsible for Big River’s superior solutions. With more than 35 years experience in the telecommunications industry. Prior to joining Big River, Kevin served as Corporate Director of Network Engineering and co-founder of Gabriel Communications, Inc., which became NuVox Communications and then was bought by Windstream.

John Jennings

As the CFO of Big River, John has provided financial guidance and expertise since 2002. With more than 25 years of experience, including more than 20 years of experience in the telecom industry, John is responsible for planning, accounting, tax, auditing, treasury, insurance and investor relations.

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